Information as of September 2021

Abbreviations: LBCL = large B-cell lymphoma; FL = follicular lymphoma; MCL = mantle cell lymphoma; ALL = acute lymphoblastic leukemia; CLL = chronic lymphocytic leukemia; MM = multiple myeloma; NHL = non-Hodgkin lymphoma; HCC = hepatocellular carcinoma; NSCLC = non-small cell lung cancer; AFP = alpha-fetoprotein; GPC3 = glypican-3; r/r = relapsed or refractory; 3L = third-line; 2L = second-line

* Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan refer to Mainland China, Hong Kong (China), Macau (China) and Taiwan (China), respectively.

** Denotes a Core Product Candidate.

1. Relma-cel is based on the same CAR construct as the product lisocabtagene maraleucel (Breyanzi or lisocabtagene or liso-cel) of Juno Therapeutics, which was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in February 2021.

2. JWCAR129 is based on the same CAR construct as Juno Therapeutics’ product orvacabtagene autoleucel (orva-cel).

3. Developing using Lyell technology.

4. JWATM203 and JWATM204 are currently in Phase I/II trials in the US conducted by Eureka under an investigational new drug (IND) application.

5. Approved by NMPA in Sep 2021 in mainland China.

Potential best-in-class anti-CD19 CAR-T product in China


To fully explore the clinical potential of relma-cel, we intend to develop relma-cel for a number of other hematological indications, including FL, MCL, CLL, second line LBCL and ALL


Comprehensive and differentiated cell therapy pipeline covering both hematological cancers and solid tumors


Valued partner in the market with a variety of business development, licensing and acquisition opportunities


  • JWCAR129 is an autologous CAR-T product that targets BCMA, which is expressed in MM and is a promising target for CAR-T therapies. Other anti-BCMA CAR-T therapies have demonstrated high response rates and manageable toxicity profiles in patients with r/r MM who have failed up to ten prior lines of therapy.
  • Eureka’s ARTEMIS platform is the basis for JWATM203 and JWATM204. It is a novel technology platform intended to create potentially more effective and safer T cell therapies with better tumor infiltration than are currently available.


Fully Integrated Cell Therapy Product Development Platform


The uniquely designed and fully integrated product development capabilities range from translational research and analytical development through process development and clinical development to regulatory affairs, clinical and commercial manufacturing